Ismail El Araby

Faculty member

With over 10 years of experience in marketing and creative video production, Ismail El Araby is a passionate Brand Manager that has brought progressive change to ELARABY Group, one of the biggest corporates in the Middle East and Africa.


Starting in 2008, Ismail studied video editing during Highschool and began his career by then, as a freelance assistant video editor. During his 2nd year of bachelor studies, he began studying video production and started a part-time job as a video producer. Ismail received his Bachelor in Cultural Anthropology at the American University in Egypt. After graduation, he joined ELARABY Group in the marketing communication research department where he practised how marketing efforts and video content are assessed thoroughly, and most importantly, how their performance is measured.

In 2015, he joined the brand management department to begin strategising brands’ marketing initiatives. He led the planning, development, design, and launching of all the corporate brand’s marketing efforts. He then continued to receive his Master of Business Administration from the European University Business School, specialising in entrepreneurship. Ismail’s experience in video production exceeds 20 full-fledged campaigns through different functions; starting from being a video editor to a video producer to a marketing research project manager to a senior brand manager.

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