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Dr Katherine Wallis Caouette

EdD in Educational Psychology (USA)

M.Ed. International Education (USA)

BA Biology - Ecology  (USA)

Faculty Member

Katherine has been involved with teaching for 8 years across various contexts, from global youth leadership, TESOL and English language for all ages -- from young children to adult working professionals, and now benefits from experience as both administrator and teacher at the secondary education level in the international school context.


She received Masters of Education with a concentration in international teaching from Framingham State University in USA, she is now completing her doctorate in educational psychology from California Coast University.


She is passionate about involving teachers and students in the learning process, bringing a metacognitive approach through reflective practices that further the self-assessment process. She has pursued various forms of educational programs, especially in the online format, and believes in the opportunities for online learning to expand one's professional opportunities and engage in deeper learning.

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