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Learn how to transform an idea into a sustainable business venture and develop the necessary skills to build your startup and lead it through success.


Professionals with LSBE CESL will become effective entrepreneurs within today's business landscape. You will understand the key concepts of entrepreneurial management through discussion of theory and the practicalities, design a business plan for a projected the new venture, understanding the challenges of new venture creation in a comprehensive and integrative way. You will be developing an "entrepreneurial mindset” and experience the early stages of the entrepreneurial process by working on a business project proposal while sharpening your ability to analyse and evaluate new venture opportunities. You will learn how to present a convincing business project proposal and how to raise funds to finance it.


Delivery methods: Fully online (LMS and 1h30mn/week live webinar)


Duration: 7 weeks with courses


Level: Advanced


Learning Hours: 185 hours including


Asynchronous activities 

(7h/week for 7 weeks)
activities on LSBE dedicated LMS including video watching, reading, discussion forums, quizzes, Wikis, written assignment, etc.


Synchronous activities

(1h30mn/week for 14 weeks)
live webinars with a highly qualified and experienced professor


Professional experience

(100h of documented work experience and 25.30h reflective practice)
work experiences and reflective practice on your professional practices


Rolling admission every 7 weeks


    1. Cross-cultural Entrepreneurship
    2. Entrepreneurial Finance
    3. Ethics in Entrepreneurship
    4. Marketing & PR
    5. Strategic Planning
    6. Startup Risk Mitigation & Management
    7. Venture Capital Dynamics
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