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Course Description: Particular characteristics and topics related to hospitality and tourism; oral practice focused on understanding the social customs of tourists, employees, or managers. Explaining and dealing with requests, complaints, employment issues as well as employee policies and procedures from the perspective of a hotel supervisor or part of the management team. You will have to make decisions when faced with various scenarios as managers within the hospitality & tourism industry. 


 Course Objectives: Being able to use critical thinking when dealing with problems, either with the public or members of staff. You should be able to make decisions that create a better outcome or result for the business, staff, or customers. Also, to take responsibility, and work with others when dealing with everyday situations in the hospitality and tourism industry.

Company Policies: Scenarios will be different as each week will be on a different policy. The policies you are working with are created by “Workable” which has created templates to which you can build on, or use within the company as a basis for your rules, regulations, and policies. 


Professor: Dr Philip J. Galloway


Hospitality and Tourism Management Skills

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