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Explore and discover our contemporary business world. You will travel across the core areas of expertise essentials to be a successful business professional.


Throughout this short program, you will develop interpersonal skills, business qualities and employability to be aware of the contemporary business world and what it takes to become a successful business professional.


Delivery methods: Fully online (1h30/week live webinar)


Duration: 3 weeks


Level: Entry


Learning Hours: 6 hours including:


Synchronous activities  (1h30/week for 3 weeks = 4h30mn)
live webinars with a highly qualified and experienced professor


Asynchronous activities  (30mn/week for 3 weeks = 1h30mn)
3 quizzes


Admission every 2 months


    1. Management & HR strategies
    2. Leadership & Entrepreneurship
    3. Marketing & Finance
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