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Soukaina Elaouad

PhDc in Architecture (UK)

MSc in Civil Engineering and Construction Management (UK)
BSc in Engineering and Management Sciences (Morocco)

faculty member

I am Soukaina ElAouad, originally from Morocco. I am a civil engineer, construction manager and PhD student in Architecture. I am also a digital influencer, content creator and independent instructor in many courses as engineering, architecture, management, research, and languages. I have strong research skills, especially that I have experience in managing several construction research projects. Second, my academic background was rich and varied.


My bachelor’s degree at Al Akhawayn University was in engineering and management science, so this was an important opportunity for me to improve my planning and problem-solving skills. In addition, my master’s degree in civil engineering and construction management at the University of Derby in England has been an added value to my career. In other words, it greatly enhanced my knowledge in construction and sustainable development, especially that my thesis focused on the efficiency of lean construction and sustainable development. Third, my experience of meeting people from different races and cultures helps me a lot to acquire good communication skills. 

Currently, I am a doctoral researcher in architecture focusing on social sustainability assessment using big data analytics and BIM systems. Furthermore, my past experiences in the field of construction management, as well as my current experience at ElAouad Architecture and  Engineering have enabled me to acquire many skills. I am an active, 
hard-working person and have experience in planning and managing multiple projects.

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