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LONDON SCHOOL OF BUSINESS & EDUCATION LTD, also known as LSBE, LSBE UK, LondonSBE, LSBE Business School, is registered in England and Wales under the company number 12838732 and is listed on the UK Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP) under the UKPRN 10086923. Being registered on the UKRLP means we are a recognised legal entity in the UK as verified by a recognised legal source and according to UKRLP standards.

LSBE mission

LONDON SCHOOL OF BUSINESS & EDUCATION LTD aims at the highest quality in terms of teaching and learning to prepare unique and talented individuals to perform the profession of their dreams. Our mission is to contribute to the global community by providing comprehensive and in-depth training while developing certified professionals in management, leadership, entrepreneurship, marketing and education.

LSBE vision

LONDON SCHOOL OF BUSINESS & EDUCATION LTD is an online educational institution following the constructivist and the socio-constructivist models. Our programs are established through the competency-based approach as well as the project-based method to focus your study on a specialist area of business. Our team is international as well as our students who have the opportunity to interact weekly with the professors and peers through synchronous and asynchronous learning activities which will guide your journey to becoming a certified professional.

LSBE Professors

Our professors are current business highly qualified and experienced professionals who offer a unique and relevant insight into today's complex world on business trends and landscapes. We have a passion for engaging and collaborating with students, leading them to become creative, innovative,  independent, and inspired business professionals; managers, leaders or entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

LSBE programs

LSBE programs will help you develop expert knowledge and skills setting you apart in a crowded job market and allowing you to flourish within a modern business. As an educational service provider, we value teaching and learning quality and promote high standard through membership, accreditation and recognition of our programs. Please note that we currently do not offer university degrees (bachelors, masters or doctorates). 


The levels achieved through our programs spread from Entry to Advanced as explained below: 

  • Neon Painted Face



    Basic knowledge and skills

    Fundamental understanding of concepts

    General, non-specialised knowledge

    Communication of concept information

  • Laptop on Blue Background


    Execute independently!

    Detailed knowledge and skills

    Analysis of information and concept

    Familiarity with a specialisation area


  • Neon Painted Face


    Manage & Lead!

    Systematic knowledge and skills

    In-depth analysis of the concept

    Understanding of specialisation areas

    Independent learning and feedback

Kemp House

152-160 City Road

London EC1V 2NX 

United Kingdom

+44 207 689 7498

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