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pedagogic model


LSBE teaching model complies with the constructivist and socio-constructivist models. The purpose is to ensure that students can analyse, interpret and reflect on the knowledge and apply it to the reality of today’s business world. Our programs are designed through the competency-based and/or project-based methods to focus on the study of the students’ specialist area of business. In other words, this gives them the occasion to use the knowledge they have acquired and the technical and soft skills they have developed at the right time and in the right situation to lead them to reach the ‘complex know-how to act’ (Tardif, 2006) required in the professional world. LSBE emphasises an approach where students craft meaning. The students build their interpretations according to their individual experiences and interactions, thereby constantly experiencing change. We aspire to promote a learning environment supporting cooperative learning grounded on engagement and interaction through discussions, teamwork, case studies, simulations and projects.  For the quality of teaching and learning, our classes are limited to a maximum of 20 students which provides personalised education and promotes continual interaction between students.


The students’ learning is active as they must participate in activities, they should monitor their learning from the ongoing formative assessment feedback. In this respect, knowledge is constructed through experiential learning. The professor is the mediator and facilitator of the learning who motivates and challenges students through teaching innovations which encourage the student to engage thoughtful contribution, generate questions, and solve real-life problems by applying acquired knowledge and skills. ICT applied to education yields the ability of interaction among students, allowing cooperative activities. Today’s technologies can simulate an analogous scenario to the face-to-face environment, minimises the inconvenience of time and geographical presence.


​The online professor should:

  • perform a thorough Preparation

  • reinforce the learning by using a diversity of learning materials & activities

  • promote interactions and discussions with his students

  • encourage active participation of the students

  • provide continual and relevant feedback

  • support the students' learning on a personalised level

online delivery

To foster optimal learning conditions, LSBE online programs include synchronous and asynchronous activities:

  • Asynchronous activities: Activities on our LMS including video watching, reading, discussion forums, quizzes, Wikis, written assignment, professional experience/final project, etc.

  • Synchronous activities: 1h to 1h30/week depending on the program of live webinars with a highly qualified and experienced professor

  • Assignment Based – NO EXAMS
    Learners are assessed through the submission of assignments only and there is no online or traditional exam. It implies that you can prepare and submit assignments at your convenience.

  • LSBE values formative assessment, therefore you will have the opportunity to resubmit improved version of your works if necessary.


Our passion for online education is not new and has been developed throughout the years. LSBE online programs ensure the same quality of learning as would on-campus teaching. We have only added the today online capacity to contemporary teaching and learning approaches. Learn more about teaching and learning quality.

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