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How would you qualify LSBE Management?

"as very dedicated and reliable"


"It really is a pleasure to have the possibility to look up to Dr Anne Walder and to learn from her experience and her knowledge."

The Art of Negotiation

What did you most enjoy during this week learning?

"Live webinar - great atmosphere with the professor, great communication, new information, very helpful"

The Art of Negotiation

"Including real cases studies and interacting with the instructor
Including new concepts and new knowledge and information"

Certified Entrepreneur and Start-up Leader

Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: My Experience

My experience during the study of the course, Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, was outstanding, rewarding, and enriching. I took this course because I needed a skilled knowledge of practical Teaching and Learning, with no prior teaching certificate in education. 

I really enjoyed the teaching of Prof. Dr Anne Walder during the course because she presented it with deep enthusiasm and from years of experience as a Professor in the field, supporting practical pedagogy and andragogy teaching methodologies with both her research and others. Her delivery method kept my curiosity and enthusiasm alive throughout the course, and also gave me a very good heads-up and strong background knowledge in the field of Education. I became more confident and able to both adopt and apply the knowledge from this course during my lesson deliveries, and also the course served as a benchmark for completing my PGCE programme. 

A very organized Professor, with an open-minded discussion approach, makes learning fun, as she would always allude to key points during her teaching and presentation. A great, excellent and passionate Professor who enjoys what she teaches and gets the students practically involved; always willing and ready to answer your questions to ensure clarity and understanding of the concept discussed. I always enjoyed her lectures. Many thanks, Prof. for your unalloyed mentorship in Education."

Teaching in Higher Education

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