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Develop core human resource management and leading skills by analysing the micro functions of human resource management and exploring its strategic importance for an organisation to attract, develop, motivate and retain employees while leading the organisational change.


Professionals with LSBE CIHRL will enhance their personal portfolio. While focusing on the topics of the management discipline related to Human Resource Management, the course objective is to further expose you to human capital management related issues that you will find useful in the workplace and in furthering your careers. Both the theoretical and practical aspects of HRM in a global perspective are studied. Learners are also encouraged to consider how some HRM decisions have moral and ethical dimensions which affect a variety of stakeholders as well as an organisation’s reputation.


Delivery methods: Fully online (LMS and 1h/week live webinar)


Duration: 12 weeks of courses + Professional Experience Portfolio


Level: Advanced


Learning Hours: 370 hours including


Asynchronous learning activities

(7h/week for 12 weeks)
activities on LSBE dedicated LMS including video watching, reading, discussion forums, quizzes, Wikis, written assignment, etc.


Synchronous learning activities

(1h/week for 12 weeks)
live webinars with highly qualified and experienced professor


Professional experience

(250h of documented work experience and 24h reflective practice)
work experiences and reflective practice on your professional practices


Rolling admission every week


    1. Human Resource Management in context
    2. Managerial context of HR
    3. HR in a competitive environment
    4. HR and policy and regulation
    5. HR and the world economy
    6. HR and demographic and social trends
    7. HR and technology
    8. HR and ethics, social responsibility and sustainability
    9. HR strategic management
    10. HR delivery and strategy
    11. HR and performance
    12. HR and training
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