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Develop core management skills and learn how to translate organisational strategy into effective management in a global context.


Throughout this course, you will develop interpersonal skills, management qualities, and employability skills to become a strategic partner, a team advocate, and a change mentor in today’s business context. The series of selective topics presented here offer a menu of choices in each required discipline, calibrated to your skills, experience, and future goals.


Delivery methods: Fully online (LMS and 1h/week live webinar)


Duration: 16 weeks of courses + 2 weeks of Professional Experience Portfolio


Level: Advanced


Learning Hours: 370 hours including


Asynchronous learning activities

(7h/week for 16 weeks)
activities on LSBE dedicated LMS including video watching, reading, discussion forums, quizzes, Wikis, written assignment, etc.


Synchronous learning activities

(1h/week for 16 weeks)
live webinars with a highly qualified and experienced professor


Professional experience

(200h of documented work experience and 42h reflective practice)
work experiences and reflective practice on your professional practices


Rolling admission every week


    1. Business Models Exploration
    2. Effective Business Plan
    3. International Management Strategy
    4. Global Business
    5. Global Managerial Economics
    6. Accounting and financial statements
    7. Budgeting
    8. Creative Finance
    9. HRM leading organisational change
    10. Cross-cultural HRM
    11. Organisational Communication
    12. Cross-Cultural Negotiation
    13. International Marketing
    14. Digital Marketing, E-commerce and M-commerce
    15. Leading virtual team
    16. Quality Management Process
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