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Learn the process of producing creative marketing video content that is both effective and successful.


Delivery methods: Fully online (LMS and 1h/week live webinar)


Duration: 11 weeks with course topics + 2 weeks for the final executive project


Learning Hours: 118 hours for 12 weeks including


Asynchronous activities

(7h/week for 11 weeks)

activities on LSBE dedicated LMS including video watching, reading, discussion forums, quizzes, wikis, assignments, etc.


Synchronous activities

(1h/week for 11 weeks)

live webinars with a highly qualified and experienced professor.


Executive Project

(15h/week for 2 weeks)

executive project implementation and preparing for the presentation.


    1. Video Production Process, From the brief to the end product.
    2. Why do brands need Video content to market their products/services?
    3. Drafting a Creative Brief - Elements and best practices.
    4. The Big idea and creative development
    5. Forms and Types of video content execution
    6. Scripting and Storyboarding
    7. Elements and process of the pre-production phase
    8. Elements and process of the production (principal photography) phase
    9. Elements and process of the post-production phase
    10. Making video content perfect for digital platforms (ABCD Model)
    11. Measuring success
    12. Final Project presentations
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