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Certified International Human Resource Leader

Develop core human resource management and leading skills by analysing the micro functions of human resource management and exploring its strategic importance for an organisation to attract, develop, motivate and retain employees while leading the organisational change.

12 Weeks - Live webinar 1 h/week - Self-study 4-7h/week

Our program Certified International Human Resource Leader has now been certified by the CPD Certification in the UK as an Online Training Course. It is also accredited by ASCB & IRQAO

Course content:

  1. Human Resource Management in context

  2. Managerial context of HR

  3. HR in a competitive environment

  4. HR and policy and regulation

  5. HR and the world economy

  6. HR and demographic and social trends

  7. HR and technology

  8. HR and ethics, social responsibility and sustainability

  9. HR strategic management

  10. HR delivery and strategy

  11. HR and performance

  12. HR and training

A Certificate of achievement will be issued

Fees €1950

For more information please contact us at or by WhatsApp us on +44 7415 846793

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